Listen to Us

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ListenToUs is an initiative of the Australian Environment Foundation. It’s designed to be a megaphone to give a voice to the mainstream on environmental issues. Using the Internet we are going to make our politicians sit-up and listen.

How will ListenToUs make them listen?

Only one thing counts in politics – votes at the ballot box. We’ll make them listen by showing just how many of us there are and how strongly we feel.

Using the power of the Internet to reach out to everyone, everywhere at every hour of the day we will be running campaigns which will allow Australians like us to send targeted and effective messages to our local representatives and the leaders of the political parties.

Our first campaign is a petition against the flawed Carbon Trading Scheme which won’t reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but which will destroy Australian industries and send Australian jobs overseas.

Picturing Male Strippers Melbourne 

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Picturing Male Strippers Melbourne.

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Your booze-filled festivities have just kicked off, the bubbly is flowing ever so smoothly, and you’re surrounded by world-class hunks whose impossibly good looks are matched only by their charming personality. Sound like the recipe for a good night? It is! Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without one delicious ingredient: male strippers in Melbourne.Male Strippers Melbourne:
What’s Not To Love?
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Male Strippers Melbourne: The Sexiest Addition To Any Night
While you don’t need a specific reason to bask in the company of handsome hunks, male strippers in Melbourne make for excellent event entertainers. Whether you want to spice up a birthday bash or give your bachelorette a hens night for the books, hiring attractive men for the occasion will make you the hostess of all hostesses. If nothing else, they sure are easy to look at. If you need pictorial proof, just browse this catalog of ruggedly handsome male strippers in Melbourne.Male Strippers Melbourne: You Name It, They’ve Got It
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Make It The Ideal Hens Night
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Home Cleaning Melbourne Company

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Home Cleaning Melbourne Company

Companies offering home cleaning Melbourne services are ready to help you keep your home neat with minimal effort on your part. They can send a cleaning crew to your home either on a regular schedule or whenever you call them to schedule a cleaning. While there may be many providers of Maid in Melbourne House Cleaning services, you should do a bit of research before hiring one instead of just going with the company offering the cheapest rates. Here are a few things to consider before you hire a specific firm to clean your home:

Their Online Reviews

Comments and reviews on social media and online business directories can quickly give you an idea of the quality of service that a business provides. Of course, even the best cleaners could come across a few customers that will never be happy or have unreasonable expectations, resulting in a couple negative reviews. But if the majority of online comments about a home cleaning Melbourne firm are negative, you’re better off avoiding them.

Whether They’re Legitimate and Insured

You should only hire a home cleaning Melbourne company if they have a fixed business address and carry the required liability insurance, which will protect you should one of their employees cause damage to your property. While cleaning crews that work out of a van may be cheaper, you will have limited recourse in case of problems.

The Details of Any Plans or Special Offers

Some home cleaning Melbourne companies have special offers for new customers, like a discount on the first few cleaning visits. Providers of home cleaning Melbourne nearly all have fixed plans that include certain types of cleaning work. Before you hire a firm or sign a contract, make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting. Some dishonest home cleaning Melbourne contractors have been known to use techniques like quoting a very low price over the phone while neglecting to mention it only covers cleaning for part of the home or implying their plans include a “complete” cleaning, then charging extra for anything more than just passing the mop or vacuum for a few minutes.